BESPOKE Wooden Shoe Tree, to match your 3D Printed Shoe Last

€270,95 EUR


Wooden Shoe Trees are an essential accessory for your 3D Printed Shoe Lasts. Each tree is custom-made based on your exact measurements for a perfect fit and to provide ideal support for your shoes. A must-have to keep your bespoke shoes in perfect condition.

Shoe trees are important to keep your shoes in optimal shape for several reasons:

1. Helps maintain the shape of the shoe: Shoe trees help maintain the shape of the shoe by preventing it from collapsing and losing its form. This is particularly important for leather shoes over time as they can be misshapen when stored incorrectly.

2. Absorbs moisture: Using wooden shoe trees can help absorb any moisture present in the shoes which could cause them to smell or even form bacteria. Shoe trees made of wood can absorb moisture and keep shoes dry.

3. Aids in preventing creases: When you wear shoes, the leather bends around your foot. Without shoe trees, those creases remain in the shoes and eventually turn into permanent wrinkles and creases.

4. Made to the exact measurements of your feet. Ideal to order in conjunction with a pair of bespoke shoes or bespoke 3d printed shoe lasts. They will be made to your unique shape

Lead time 4-6 weeks since design of 3d shoe lasts is confirmed. The mill takes extra time to make these bespoke shoe trees.

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