Barefoot Kombat boots | Black leather | 28cm High | Survival

€1.096,95 EUR


::Redefining barefoot boots::

* Breathable healthy leather shoes.

* 28cm High

* Black naturally dyed color.

* Full Gusseted Tongue

* Blake welted and manually stitched

* Fast Laced up Zipper for quick fastening - Or laces by request

* Entirely handmade in Hereford, UK by Gaucho Ninja Leather UK

* Welted by hand and Blake welted soles

* Highest quality leathers from Traditional Veg Tan Leather Tanneries of Spain

* Zero drop -No raised heel or toe spring- flat sole

* Wide toe box: your toes free to spread

* Vibram Trekking Flat Heavy Duty Soles

* Completely Re-Soleable.

*100% waxed cotton laces made in UK


::The Kombat Boots::

Inspired by the Militar style survival boots, these Kombat Blaster boots are design to accomplish a stylish, classy elegant warrior look and a lightweight, barefoot feel shoe made by hand.

They are made with the best materials the way it was done in the past: to endure.

They are lightweight (each shoe only weighing between 450 and 550g) so are excellent for anyone who wants to rely on a pair of boots till the end of the world.

They are flexible enough to fold in half without damaging them.

The advantage of a Full Gusseted tongue is that if it's properly waterproofed with Nano Tech Spray, you have a 28 cm high waterproof leather boot. You will need to waterproof it often to maintain it's qualities.

They shape to your feet providing a smooth, close fit. Your feet will delight in the comfort. The soles are thin and flexible too, providing the barefoot feel. If you like to practise stealthy walking like a tracker or Ninja these are ideal to try out or you might simply enjoy the sensation of touching the different surfaces of the ground with your feet.

The slim sole and malleable upper provide a welcome relief for feet that are sore from being cramped all day in hard, tight shoes. This excellent combination can also relieve back pain and promote good posture. Each pair is lovingly made by hand.

The production occurs in a small workshop built by Gaucho Ninja himself.The workshop nestles next to a stream at the bottom of the Black Mountains, a suitable place for a Gaucho and a Ninja….

This leather is tanned in the traditional way in Spain by the master tanner, 74-year-old Alfredo Caballero, using traditional tools and methods tried and tested over many generations. Alfredo is an elder, in the true sense of the word, whose knowledge and skills come from his forefathers. The result is a material that industrial methods cannot accomplish.

Each leather is unique, your eyes will delight in the different tones and depth of colour. Each shade reminding you of the grace of a moving animal. Leather is a by-product. Animals are not killed for their skins. By using leather products your ethical conscience can rest assured that you are making exceptionally good use of what would otherwise be waste. For many of us the aroma of naturally tanned leather brings a feeling of wellbeing. In a world filled with highly processed materials our sense of smell appreciates this.

The shoes are made individually, being made one pair of shoes at a time. It slows the process and raises the quality. Cut by hand, stitched by sewing machine on a slow setting, the whole shoe is carefully made to the most detailed finish.

The Vibram sole, made in Italy, is fixed with extra strong glue, that can be replaced if need be after heavy usage, as the uppers will get better and better with time.

Treatment for the leather is recommended once a month with natural oils such as neat's-foot oil or any natural leather conditioner. A tin of Handmade Gaucho Ninja Leather conditioner is supplied with each pair of Chukka boots (if available at time of purchase).

For yourself or as a special gift you will feel as if you have bought something both essential and luxurious, irreplaceable and exclusive. These are not just a pair of shoes, but a work of art. Or perhaps, more accurately a work of true craftsmanship.

True craftsmen are an endangered species in our highly technological, mass produced consumer world. We suffer from feelings of disconnection, loneliness, stress. Know that your life will be enriched by a pair of shoes whose story is connected to many other living beings, human and other than human, a pair of shoes that have a story to tell even before they join your story…..

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