Barefoot Kombat Flex boots | Black leather | 28cm High

€1.409,95 EUR


Introducing the brand new SoleTech Kombat Flex, an innovative and cutting-edge sole designed in Germany to provide maximum grip and flexibility, specifically tailored for barefoot combat boots. Engineered with the latest technology and materials, the Kombat Flex is the ultimate choice for those seeking optimal performance and protection in intense combat situations.

These soles are oil- and petrol resistant and anti-static in electric flow according to EN ISO 20344/20345

The Kombat Flex features a unique tread pattern that ensures exceptional traction on various terrains, offering excellent grip even in slippery or uneven surfaces. Its durable and rugged construction guarantees long-lasting durability, making it suitable for the harshest environments and demanding missions.

What sets the Kombat Flex apart is its unparalleled flexibility. The sole is meticulously engineered to mimic the natural movements of your feet, allowing for a more agile and freedom-enhancing experience. Say goodbye to rigid soles and hello to unrestricted mobility without compromising on stability and support.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Kombat Flex is exclusively designed to meet the demands of barefoot combat boots. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for military personnel, law enforcement officers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone else in need of enhanced grip and flexibility.

Upgrade your footwear arsenal with the SoleTech Kombat Flex, the quintessential choice for maximum grip and flexibility in barefoot combat boots. Experience the next level of performance and take your combat footwear to new heights.

* Breathable healthy leather shoes.

* 28cm High

* Black naturally dyed color.

* Full Gusseted Tongue

* Fast Laced up Zipper for quick fastening - Or laces by request

* Entirely handmade in Hereford, UK by Gaucho Ninja Leather UK

* Welted by hand and Blake stitched

* Highest quality leathers from Traditional Veg Tan Leather Tanneries of Spain

* Zero drop -No raised heel or toe spring- flat sole

* Wide toe box: your toes free to spread

* Gaucho Ninja's SoleTech Pinzgau Heavy Duty Soles made in Germany

* Completely Re-Soleable.

*100% waxed cotton laces made in UK

* Made to order - standard sizes 6-8 weeks, bespoke 8-12 weeks

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