Tailor made Leather Tabi for Indoors | BESPOKE Size & Color | Suede Sole

€213,95 EUR


*BESPOKE Size & Color

*Unique pattern to fit your feet

*Handmade in the UK by Gaucho Ninja

*Suede Sole

*Veg Tan leathers and different colors

*Ankle high

*Velcro Fastening


What do I need in order to make a bespoke pair of Soft Leather Tabi?
-a scan of your foot with a ruler on the side (regular document scanner)
-the following measurements:
A: Length in cm from heel to big toe in a straight line barefooted
BT: Big Toe circumference
B: Ball girth (widest part) perimeter
C: Waist girth (in between instep and ball girths)
D: Instep girth (the highest part)
E: Short Heel girth (from heel to same point of instep)
F: Ankle perimeter (the narrowest part)

Once the order is placed I will send you instructions to take the measurements.

I like the feeling of spreading the toes.

It's correct for the tendons and the posture, to prevent bunions, and to aid balance.

I make shoes with the understanding of my martial arts training.

The feet have a key role in martial arts.

A Ninja always use tabi all-year around by keeping his feet at same temperature helping the kidneys.

This leather tabi are made by a Ninja for Ninjas with anti slippery suede.

Specially made for training indoors and tatami.

Tabi are traditional footwear from Japan with a separate big toe.

Tabi date back to the 15th Century when the Japanese started importing cotton from china.

At the time wooden or woven straw sandals with a separation of the big toe (like what we call flip flops) were the popular footwear.

So cotton tabi were developed to be able to slip on the outdoor shoes over light indoor footwear.

They were commonly used by wealthy people who often had fine rush mats to walk on in their houses.

Geishas and Samurai, the tabi provide a comfortable shoe that will give the feeling of a second skin. Leather tabi are a modern version of the regular cotton tabi.

They are more durable, the leather moulds completely to one’s foot and the grip is far better.

These leather tabi are made completely by hand using conventional Japanese methods.

For an easier fastening they are made with Velcro, quicker than the traditional clasps.

The leather is sourced in Spain. It’s made by a long-established Spanish tannery that is specialised in making high quality leather and suede for shoes.

The feeling is soft, very pleasant to the touch, and it has a slight shine that will improve with time.

Being a handcrafted item and made with a natural material, it may present differences from the ones shown in the photos.

These leather tabi are a must for all martial artist as they will find a perfect balance of protection and freedom of movement for their practices.

Dancers and performers that use wooden floors for their movements also will find them very pleasant to wear.

Various types of therapist, like Shiatsu, use these leather tabi in their work.

Benefits of using leather tabi are plenty.

They are proved to prevent and treat bunions, especially those on the big toe.

The split toe will help to correct the shape of the foot by opening the toes.

It can also provide more sense of balance and strengthen the Abductor hallucis: A muscle on the inner side of the foot that runs from the big toe to the heel, it pulls the big toe, or hallux, away from the body.

These leather tabi are designed and made by expert leatherworker and martial artist Lisandro Serra Delmar, owner and creator of Gaucho Ninja, specialised in making leather tabi for more than a decade.

Leather care. It is recommended to use a natural leather conditioner at least once a month to ensure that the qualities of the leather held.


Gaucho Ninja

ガウチョ 忍者

A blend of Argentinian Cowboy + Japanese Martial Arts Gaucho Ninja was created by Lisandro Serra Delmar in 2015. 

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