Barefoot Pals

It's a new concept of shoes developed by Gaucho Ninja.

It is so far the closest footwear to wearing nothing.

It is a combination of materials, look and feeling that made it possible.

barefoot pals

It is the ideal footwear for those who stand on their feet all day long.

At the office, in the hospital or therapeutic center, a shop, at home.

You can roll them, put them in a bag inside your handbag.

Take your heavy shoes out in the airplain and put your Pals.

Your feet expand but will not be bothered, as your Pals will mold with you.

Barefoot Pals

We make new Pals and we also repair old Pals

For us it's important that a shoe is re-soleable and that can be repaired.

It is part of our responsibility as human being looking after our Planet and its resources. 

We use leathers from traditional tanneries of Spain. These tanneries produce leather in small batches, are ethically sourced and make Veg Tan leathers meaning that the whole process is done using bark from trees and the waste waters are free of heavy chemichals.

red boots

Pals keep your feet on the ground

Some of the characteristics of our Pals:

  • Made completely by hand in England
  • Cut by hand with traditional leather and shoemaking tools
  • Functional footwear principles
  • Wide toe box
  • Completely flexible
  • Flat soles and Zero drop
  • Superflex Vibram soles 4mm thick
  • Waxed cotton laces made in London
  • Ethically sourced and traceable to origin
  • Edges polished with shellac and natural beeswax
  • Re soleable - Repairable
  • Fairly paid wages on British Standards
  • Wedge welted by hand

Main photo and third photo courtesy of Anya's Reviews