Barefoot Chukka Boots | Black English Oak Bark Tanned 'Bakers Russian' Calf Leather | Dainite British Soles

£1,199.00 GBP


made in britain

Exclusively made using only British Handmade Oak Bark Tan leather by the remarkable J & FJ Baker Tannery

* Black Russian Calf uppers by J&FJ Baker since 1862

* Adapted Dainite british made soles for barefoot feel. British Sole & Heel Manufacturer since 1894

* Made with 95% British materials

* Blake welted and manually stitched

* Wide toe box

* Flat soles / zero drop

* 100% waxed cotton laces made in UK

* Completely handmade in the UK by Gaucho Ninja Leather UK

* Original design by Gaucho Ninja

* Re soleable

* Made to order: Lead time standard order 6-8 weeks, bespoke orders 8 - 12 weeks

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