Barefoot Chukka Boots Special Edition | Horween Shell Cordovan #8 Uppers | Made to measure | Dainite Rubber Inserts

£1,999.00 GBP


Special Edition | Made to order Horween Shell Cordovan

* Chukka boots designed by Gaucho Ninja

* Completely handmade in the UK

* Bespoke 3D printed shoe lasts included: completely made to measure

* Choose every component of the shoe: Shell cordovan colour, sole, eyelets, laces and thread colour. Contact me for more info

* Horween Shell Cordovan #8 Uppers made by hand in Chicago, USA

* J & FJ Baker's Oak bark tan leather soles from cow's bends made by hand in UK

* Dainite rubber inserts made in UK

* Blake welted and manually stitched

* Breathable barefoot boots, minimalist footwear design and flexible soles

* Not wide or narrow, made to your exact ergonomic foot shape

* Flat soles, zero drop

* Ideal formal wear.

* Resolable

* Lead time bespoke orders: 8 - 12 weeks

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