BESPOKE 3D Printed Shoe Last | Make your shoes to fit your feet (not the other way around) | Made to measure | Tailor made shoes | 3D Print

£299.00 GBP


*Made to the exact measurements of your feet

*Ideal to order in conjunction with a pair of shoes and make them mold into your unique shape

*Vegetable based plastic and fully biodegradable

*A one of my customers comment: 'Lifelong boots that fit my desired foot shape with toe spacers'

*Prevent or treat foot pain, ill conditions: plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Arthritis, Back Pain, Bunions, Sweaty Feet (Hyperidrosis), Calluses, Corns, Fallen Arches, Flat feet, Hammer Toes, Hip Pain, Metatarsalgia, and more.

Using Rhino 6 and LutraCAD software I am able to print bespoke shoe lasts. We are in a world where our feet are forced to fit into a 'standard' shoe last designed in Italy or China according to the year's fashion aesthetics.

Not only that, they only design one size that later is scaled to all the sizes.

This causes lots of health issues like bunions and more feet deformities.

If we think deeply on the role our feet have we would expend more time in looking for better footwear.

Our feet (and our shoes) separate us from the earth.

They are the in-between Heaven and Earth.

They are also our means to move in the space.

We spend about 16 hours a day awake, standing up, walking, using our feet and as a consequence shoes.

My late research made me realize the importance of healthy shoes that connect to the ground, that are breathable and flexible.

All traditional cultures used barefoot style shoes, mostly made with leather and bespoke to size. 

I like the feeling of spreading the toes.

It's correct for the tendons and the posture, to prevent bunions, and to aid balance.

I make shoes with the understanding of my martial arts training. The feet have a key role in martial arts.

What do I need in order to make a bespoke 3D shoe last?

-a scan of your foot with a ruler on the side (regular document scanner)

-the following measurements: 

A: Length in cm from heel to big toe in a straight line barefooted

B: Ball girth (widest part) perimeter

C: Waist girth (in between instep and ball girths)

D: Instep girth (the highest part)

E: Short Heel girth (from heel to same point of instep)

F: Ankle perimeter (the narrowest part)


I will send you a preview of the shoe lasts before exporting so you can check it as well and see if you want to change it or add anything.

Once I 3D print the file I will use your shoe last to take the Standards (the masking contour of them) and with that adjust the pattern of the design/s of your choice to make a unique pattern.

I will print those patterns and start working on the actual shoes.

I use the 3D printed shoe lasts to mold the leather into the shape of your feet. 


Gaucho Ninja

ガウチョ 忍者

A blend of Argentinian Cowboy + Japanese Martial Arts Gaucho Ninja was created by Lisandro Serra Delmar in 2015.

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