Art on Shoes Barefoot Shoes | Shoe intervention by Artist Diego Sainz

£1,999.00 GBP £2,999.00 GBP

Discover a museum of artistry on your feet with Art on Shoes' curated collection of luxury shoes, intervened by Artist Diego Sainz. Each exquisite piece brings together art, fashion, and style to provide a unique, sophisticated look sure to turn heads. Step into a gallery of art & style and experience the luxury that only Art on Shoes can provide.




Art work made by local Herefordshire artist Diego Sainz exclusively for this collection. All shoes are a one-off work of art, never to be repeated. Because of the nature of the work, every shoe will be different.

All these shoes are exclusive and made to order and each pair will be impossible to replicate. Each pair is a true work of art and completely different.

*Art work by artist Diego Sainz, UK.

* Kangaroo Veg tan leather

* Vibram Supernewflex soles.

* Blake welted and manually stitched

* wide toe box

* flat soles / zero drop

* 100% waxed cotton laces made in UK

* Completely handmade in the UK by Gaucho Ninja

* Original design by Gaucho Ninja

* Re soleable

* MTO 8-10 weeks

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