Lessons from a Ninja

'Lisandro Serra Delmar, the Gaucho Ninja, is a barefoot shoemaker who draws inspiration for his craft from the ancient Japanese martial art of Bujinkan, something he has practised and taught throughout his adult life. His leather work celebrates a lineage of techniques passed down through the generations - his great-grandfather was a gaucho and a saddler, and his aunt a shoemaker. Yet, Lisandro has taken the art form in a new direction, one that considers the profound impact our feet have on the well-being of our entire body. His barefoot shoes promote agility, better posture, natural foot movement, and improved balance - all essential qualities of a martial artist. Lisandro's story is a fusion of two distinct worlds, where the rhythms of Argentinean cowboy culture intersect with the discipline and philosophy of his Bujinkan dojo.'

Text and photos by Finn Beales

Credits and special thanks to Guy Stephens, Luke Atkinson and James Beagley


Our looks


::A new concept of shoes by Gaucho Ninja::

We believe we have created the ultimate barefoot shoe.

Created originally for Gaucho Ninja's bespoke customers we are now ready to launch the concept under the brand name Barefoot Pals.

Extremely minimalist barefoot shoes at an incredible price.

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