Hattori Hanzō Ninja Jika Tabi Boots | Veg tan leather | Kohaze clasps fastening | Ninja shoes made by a ninja | 30cmTall

£1,249.00 GBP

Hattori Hanzō Ninja Jika Tabi Boots

::Redefining barefoot boots::

*Veg tan leathers

*Kohaze clasps

*Svig rubber soles

*Blake welted and manually stitched

*30 cm High boots

*Handmade in the UK

*Barefoot boots

*Exclusive design by Gaucho Ninja

*Japanese Size System (please read for instructions)*

How to choose your size like a Japanese tabi expert?
Japanese size system (JP): the best way to know your size is by measuring from heel to big toe in cm while barefooted and standing up. add 0,5cm for comfort and that will be your exact size. Placing your heel against the wall while measuring is more accurate. For extra size please request custom order!*

Feeling the grounding texture of soil's surface.

A new concept of leather tabi.

Nowadays humanity is facing the call of Nature.

Hattori Hanzō Ninja Tabi Boots are designed to connect with the ground and to breath. Fully inspired by the Ninja's way to the five elements.

Made by hand by a Ninja.

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