Barefoot Chukka Boots | Goodyear Welted Barefoot Shoes

€532,95 EUR

'Our new groundbreaking Goodyear welted Barefoot Chukka Boots—a fusion of style and functionality. These innovative boots embody durability, comfort, and flexibility, making them a versatile and essential addition to any wardrobe. Crafted with the finest materials, they provide the perfect blend of style and practicality. With their unique Goodyear welt construction, these boots are not only stylish but also easy to repair, ensuring they stand the test of time. Step into unparalleled comfort and style with these remarkable Barefoot Chukka Boots.'



*Chukka boots designed by Gaucho Ninja in the UK

*Completely handmade in the Spain by a family-run artisan factory

*First ever made Goodyear welted barefoot shoes

*Top quality Spanish veg tan leather. Full grain and with deep tones and colors

*Gusseted tongue

*Extra wide toe box. Splay your toes

*Breathable barefoot boots, minimalist footwear design and flexible soles

*Flat soles, made in Germany with anti-slip, fuel and oil proof, and anti-static properties

*Ideal to wear as hiking boots or dress shoes

*Re sole and keep enjoying them

*Ready to ship whilst in stock



Goodyear welted shoes explained:

The Goodyear construction is characterised by a horizontal seam that joins the upper, the insole and a welt. This welt is then joined by a second vertical seam, which joins the entire shoe to the outsole. This achieves the total integrity of the shoe and, in addition, it’s easy to repair. A characteristic feature of Goodyear footwear until now has been its lack of flexibility. By working closely with the factory and meticulously intervening in every process, we were able to create the first Goodyear shoe suitable for the Barefoot user. Completely flexible. A shoe that with every step you take, becomes more yours. With every step, your footprint will be moulded into the shoe.


Our Veg Tan Leather

The leather we are using is a natural vegetable tanned leather emblematic of the Spanish heartland. A richly coloured 'washed' calf leather with a rustic character and aroma. Handmade by the tannery nicknamed 'The Widow's'. When the Pérez brothers, just teenagers, lost their father, the tannery manager, their widowed mother decided to carry on the legacy of 3 generations of tanners. The four brothers and sons, 40 years later, continue the legacy today making this exquisite leather.

washed leather

The sole of the shoe

The sole, the soul of the shoe. We developed a sole that would provide the right feel. Something that can convey the Barefoot connection without losing the requirements of safety and comfort. Germany had the answer. Soles that not only allow the Barefoot feeling whilst being stylish, but also meet the highest European protection levels: anti-slip, fuel and oil proof, and anti-static.

barefoot soles

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