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How to measure your feet like an expert

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How to measure your feet like a shoe expert? 

Here I will present you a very effective way of measuring your feet so you can know exactly what size to choose before ordering.  

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Japanese size system (JP) and Mondopoint:  the best way to know your size is by measuring from heel to big toe in cm while barefooted and standing up. Add 0,5cm for comfort (for all tabi) or 1cm for comfort on EU sizes (length only): that will be your exact size. Placing your heel against the wall while measuring is more accurate. Please follow this video’s instructions made by Anya, the #1 Barefoot shoe reviewer: 


A: From back of the heel to big toe  

B: Widest part of the foot 

Ball Girth: The circumference around the widest part     


wide shoes
extra wide shoes


If by measuring your feet they are wider or longer than the ones listed you should consider doing a bespoke shoe lasts to accomodate your needs. You can also order a full bespoke pair where you choose every ingredient of the boots.