Made to Order Barefoot Shoes and Boots by Gaucho Ninja


**Gaucho Ninja**, established by Lisandro Serra Delmar in 2015 in Spain and reimagined in the UK in 2019, transcends the ordinary—it perpetuates a rich family legacy deeply entrenched in leather craftsmanship. Born in Spain to Argentine parents and raised in Argentina, Lisandro embarked on his leatherworking odyssey in 2007. This journey was not merely about mastering a trade but embracing a family heritage flowing through his veins.

Gaucho Ninja | Human Shape

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Lisandro's lineage in leather crafting is both rich and storied. His father, Oscar Serra, fashioned leather bags in his younger years, igniting a generational passion. This craft traces even further back to his great grandfather, Luis Pereyra, a gaucho (an Argentine Cowboy) and a saddler during the 1920s in Argentina—a time when horseback was the primary means of transport. Luis's saddlery flourished until the advent of automobiles relegated this craft to near obscurity. Relocating to Buenos Aires, Luis adapted to a new life as a jack-of-all-trades, yet the legacy of leatherwork silently persisted through the generations.

Leather cutting tool


Profoundly influenced by his heritage, Lisandro began experimenting with leather goods whilst travelling globally, drawing inspiration not only from his roots but also from his international encounters. His designs reflect a deep reverence for traditional techniques married with a commitment to sustainability. Gaucho Ninja was conceived not merely to manufacture leather goods but to rejuvenate and perpetuate the artisanal methods bequeathed by his forebears.


Lisandro's deep engagement with the Barefoot shoe concept was sparked by his involvement in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, also known as Ninjutsu—a Japanese martial art focusing on self-defence. Under the tutelage of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and Dai Shihan Juan Manuel Gutierrez since 2004, he has ascended to a 10th Dan, blending over two decades of discipline and craftsmanship within his dojo and workshop.
‘My experience as a martial artist made me realise the importance of feeling with my feet. Standard shoes are made for exactly the opposite purpose: not to feel anything. Instead of having the feet trapped in rigid unforgiving boxes, the shoes are made with the understanding that feet need to be treated with the same care with which we treat our hands. My aim is to make gloves for feet. The tabi, split toe Japanese traditional shoe for indoors, is an excellent example of this, as the big toe separated from the rest allows the tendons to do their work, the toes will spread in a natural way preventing bunions and also the tabi provides an excellent sense of balance. My passion for Ninja, Samurai and Japanese culture made me go deeper and deeper in exploring tabi designs. Now I blend that with the barefoot feeling.'

Gaucho Ninja Team


The mission is bolstered by devoted artisans such as Laurie Lewis, who brings over 25 years of experience in crafting structures like teepees and now lends her considerable skills to Gaucho Ninja. Karren Clare handles customer support and administration and practices Ninjutsu. Additionally, black belt ninja Lee Lowe as the new apprentice and maker, along with Malcolm Williams, whose 60 years of footwear expertise guides Gaucho Ninja as a consultant.

The Gaucho Ninja Workshop


In 2017, Gaucho Ninja established its new base in Herefordshire, UK. By March 2023, the team relocated to a site near the foothills of the Black Mountains—a hub for a community of artists and craftspeople. This idyllic location not only serves as a perfect canvas for creativity and fine craftsmanship.



Gaucho Ninja is not solely about creating shoes; it's fundamentally about offering a healthier alternative to conventional, restrictive footwear. Drawing on Japanese footwear philosophy, particularly the tabi, Lisandro integrates concepts of balance, natural motion, and foot health into every shoe crafted, supported by contemporary research and technology. This ethos has led to partnerships with renowned brands such as Marugo, Loewe, and Vivobarefoot.

Now, Lisandro operates from his rural atelier in Herefordshire, acting as one of the UK's staunch defenders of this waning craft. He meticulously designs, creates, and produces luxurious, made-to-order barefoot shoes that not only pay homage to his craftsmanship but also to the ongoing preservation of bespoke shoemaking in the UK.

Expanding on his vision, Lisandro recently introduced a new line of barefoot shoes, made in a traditional artisan factory in Spain now run by the fourth generation of craftspeople. The latest collection debuts innovative Goodyear welted barefoot shoes, melding supreme flexibility with robust construction unmatched by competitors. This enterprise has birthed a singular, luxurious, yet accessible barefoot shoe line, establishing Gaucho Ninja as the exclusive provider of Goodyear welted barefoot shoes from Spain.


Ethics and sustainability form the cornerstone of Gaucho Ninja’s ethos. The leather sourced from six artisan tanneries in Spain ensures that all materials are by-products, thereby minimising waste. The workshop is committed to eco-friendly practices, including the utilisation of all leather scraps in local educational initiatives to reduce their environmental impact.

Gaucho Ninja Barefoot Boots


Opting for Gaucho Ninja means endorsing a brand that epitomises quality, sustainability, and the conservation of a craft that has transcended generations. It’s about donning shoes that feel natural, promote health, and foster a connection with the earth, all while advancing a legacy of authentic gaucho spirit enriched with global influences and ethical practices.

Lisandro Serra Delmar and Gaucho Ninja continue to resonate with those who not only value exquisite leatherwork but also prioritise foot health and, consequently, their overall wellbeing. As a custodian of his family's tradition and as an innovator, Lisandro invites everyone to walk a path that has been travelled for centuries, yet is tailored for today's needs with every meticulous stitch.