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Two Awards in footwear design

I am thrilled to announce that I won two prizes at a world recognized footwear competition with juries from brands like Adidas, Puma, Prada and Universities in USA and EU.

The design: Barefoot Carpenter's Boots


NEWS: We have developed the new Extra wide toe cap for safety boots. The widest safety toe cap in the market!


refined materials from a magic island

British heritage collection

Barefoot Chukka Boots | Black English Oak Bark Tanned 'Bakers Russian' Calf Leather | Dainite British Soles

::A new concept of shoes by Gaucho Ninja::

We believe we have created the ultimate barefoot shoe.

Created originally for Gaucho Ninja's bespoke customers we are now ready to launch the concept under the brand name Barefoot Pals.

Pre order at a very affordable launching price this extremely minimalist barefoot shoes

choose your pals

the Ultimate footwear

Leather Tabi

Inspired by the Japanese awareness of physical wellbeing, cleanliness
and practicality. Ninja shoes keep your feet in shape and your
kidneys healthy. An essential for any martial artist or performer.
Feel the freedom in every move you make!


Ninja Shoes

Out lawful classic, unwittingly delightful. Gaucho Ninja’s secret skills
blended with traditional techniques making a tabi boot into a creation
of the highest excellence.

Wearing it, loving it. Just leather it.

Handmade barefoot shoes

Crafted with the understanding of how feet should feel

Shoes made consciously to provide health benefits, embracing ethics as
foundations of creation. Elegance and comfort walking side by side.

A pair of barefoot shoes that have a life of their own.
Feel the ground, breath, be flexible.

Bespoke shoes

Combining Traditional skills with high end technology

Make your shoes fit your feet, not the other way around. Tailor made
shoes combining expert hand skills with technology. Working together
with the crafter, here’s a chance to make your dreams come true: design
your own pair of shoes.
Choose every part of what will join you in every step you make.

'The incredible tasty smell of true leather'

For decades I have been looking for somebody who is trying to produce long lasting things without any compromises. After spending a long time in the wilderness learning that the only possible shoes are the barefoot ones I found this "mythical" person in England living shoemaker who believes in life lasting quality... Thank you very much for all three items. Wallet, belt and of course a couple of barefoot. The leather you have recommended looks actually much better in reality than on the website. Usually it is exactly the opposite.
Most internet operating companies are spending billions on good photographs. Your labor speaks for itself and the photographs are
actually unable to reproduce the pure quality and feeling your work has. The incredible tasty smell of true leather which jumped out of the box after unpacking it, made me feel again the life in Siberia and Mongolia I had once a long long time ago...
Thanks for bringing this little piece of natural humanity into our
over-civilized, overcrowded city "Mary go round" chaos.

Antonin Franklin