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Shoe Wax Polish & Leather Conditioner | Leather Care Kits | Extremely noursihing | Natural Waterproofer | Organic

€35,95 EUR
::Gaucho Ninja's Secret techniques::
Shoe wax polish and leather conditioner
The perfect solution for your leather goods.
We've formulated the perfect combo for keeping your favourite leather boots (and anything made of leather) in tip top condition.
We offer the following kits that will help you cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing your shoes and any of your leather goods.
These conditioner and wax polish are formulated by Gaucho Ninja specially for Veg Tan leathers.
The leather conditioner will bring life back to leather allowing it to do its job and the shoe wax will create a natural layer that will protect the grain against weather and water.
We recommend to use these two products very often to ensure that the life of the leather remains in optimum condition.

Leather Care Kits:

  • Basic: Organic Shoe wax polish & Organic Leather conditioner
  • Amateur: Basic + Horse hair brush
  • Pro: Amateur + Saddle soap & Horse Hair dauber + Gaucho Ninja's Organic Bag
  • Ultimate: Pro + Traditional British Polishing Natural Cotton Cloth + Sole Cleaning Brush
:Natural Waterproofer::
Made with certified organic ingredients
60 ml - Made in England by Gaucho Ninja
The 'Certified Organic ::Natural Waterproofer:: Shoe Wax Polish is a combination of Plant based oils, Beeswax and Pine sap that will nourish, protect and give a natural waterproof and sheen on your leather goods. By applying several layers with a cotton cloth (13 layers ideally) and then buffing it with a damp cloth (water+alcohol) alternating with more shoe wax polish, it will create a gloss sheen and waterproof shield.
::Extremely noursihing::
A plant base cream made with certified organic plant based ingredients
60 ml - Made in England by Gaucho Ninja

The 'Certified Plant based Organic ::Extremely Nourishing:: Leather Conditioner' is an emulsion that sinks deep into the leather. The fibers recover instantly the elasticity, strength and life. It is designed to restore, mantain and protect your precious leather good. Specially for Veg Tan leathers. The leather will regain its properties and strength. It will bring back life into it and prevent cracking, tear and wear.

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