GauchoNinja Premium Classic Leather Wallet [RFID Blocking] Special British Heritage Edition

£299.00 GBP


Slim, elegant, practical, durable

-PREMIUM LEATHER This wallet is handcrafted from Russian Hatch Leather by J&FJ Baker's, UK
-DESIGNED FOR UK CURRENCY Ethically sourced and handcrafted in the UK by artisans in Hereford
-ETHICALLY SOURCED every step in its production is 100% traceable. If this wallet travels the world it will be because of you!
-HANDCRAFTED TO PERFECTION Stitched by hand, carefully finished with natural polish
-RFID BLOCKING Lined with RFID fabric that protects your bank cards from theft and fraud This classic wallet gives practical peace of mind as it is lined with RFID fabric that protects your bank cards from theft through contactless or other types of card reader fraud.

It has 8 slots for bank cards, driving licenses, loyalty cards, etc. and longer envelope space at the back for bank notes.

You can also rest assured knowing that you are honouring your purchasing power by making an ethical consumer choice.

You can trace each step of the journey of this beautiful product.

MTO Lead time 2-4 weeks

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